1st Time Chiang Mai

Three days was all we had in Chiang Mai. Problem was, we didn’t know much about this place so had no list of things we wanted to do. For this Β reason we missed out on loads of cool things we now know Chiang Mai has to offer. Time wasn’t wasted though and it was an enjoyable, relaxing stay. The Airbnb apartment actually made it hard to leave… it was that amazing!

The area of Chiang Mai that we stayed at wasn’t a big tourist area and nearly all the signs on the businesses up and down the street were all in Thai. It made it interesting figuring things out. Just around the corner was this super cool little restaurant called “Paris Chiang Mai”. Very cheap, very tasty and very friendly service.
Paris Chiang Mai

Paris Chiang Mai

Right near Paris Chaing Mai was a hip barber shop. JC helped himself to an old school shave with a cut-throat razor. He didn’t die so all went well.
Barber Shop Chiang Mai

The most interesting find was on the same street as the apartment. It was a Cat Cafe by the name of “Something Like Cat Cafe”. I had seen videos of people visiting these kinds of cafes but I never thought I would end up visiting one. One customer had his camera bag used as a bed by one of the cats.

Chiang Mai Cat Cafe Chiang Mai Cat Cafe

I mentioned in the previous post about a street nearby that is full of bars/cafes/restaurants. I don’t know what it’s called but I created a map so be sure to check it out in the previous post. Also super close to where we stayed was the Maya Lifestyle Mall. If you have seen any Digital Nomad Videos on YouTube then you have probably heard about it. There is a Co-Working space here that is popular with the Digital Nomads. There are loads of cool stores, banks etc.Β But my favourite part is the bottom level, the large food court. You are spoiled for choice here, the selection really is huge. Best of all, as is the case for most food courts, it’s really cheap! You can get a Pork & Rice dish for 40Baht, or a two meat & Rice dish for just 60Baht.

Next stop was to check out the area around The Old City. One of the most famous or well know sections along the perimeter is Tha Phae Gate. The City walls and gates date back to an old Dynasty of Ancient times, most of which have turned to ruins. Tha Phae Gate was restored in the 80’s. If you get a chance, go for a drive/ride around the old city. You can see the Moat which still has water in it and the crumbling walls. There is a Sunday night Market that sets up near the gate. They were just setting up for it at the time we were there. A storm was headed in so we did not hang around for the market. Overall, nothing crazy happened for the Chiang Mai part of the trip. There were no plans, it was just exploring and see what you can find. That is what makes travelling an adventure.

Tha Phae Gate Beer at Tha Phae Gate

Chiang Mai Moat Chiang Mai Moat


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