Jungle Club and More

Jungle Club and More

It was a great start to the day. The Sun was shining, the Sky was Blue, there were some clouds out but they were mostly White. The Bikes we had we 125cc Honda Click’s so they had plenty of power to get up big steep hills. The hill going up to The Jungle Club was indeed very steep however it was in sections. This meant there were some moderate parts of the hill as well as some tough spots to climb. If you have smaller bikes you might want to consider getting transport up. If you plan to drink it would also be a good idea to arrange transport. It is also important to note that these scooters only have small brakes and they can easily be overheated if you are not careful. We played it extra careful and pretty much walked our bikes down in a zig-zag pattern so we hardly used the brakes at all.

Jungle Club Samui

I wouldn’t say it’s a hard place to find but it’s a little tricky. We took a couple of wrong turns but that only really added a couple of minutes to the trip. I had my phone clipped to the handlebars running Google maps. The glare from the sun made it near impossible to read without pulling over each time. On the way you will find a few clearings that you might like to stop off to enjoy the view. That’s the plus side to driving yourself, you can stop whenever you wish.

The Motorbike parking area is just past the main entrance on the left. Park your bike and prepare to have your breath taken away. There is a grand Entrance, upon walking through the gates you look around and notice the super cute bungalows that adorn the property. I have never stayed here, but I added it to the bucket list for sure. Keep following the path and soon you will be greeted by the staff at the cafe. Β On our visit, we didn’t experience the most attentive service around, we did however experience the most amazing views on the Island. You have to book ahead to secure a spot on the deck built over the edge of the cliff. This is the most magical of spots, don’t panic though, you get an amazing view from anywhere here. Jungle Club 100% is a must do when you visit the Island of Samui.

Next stop is another viewpoint. This one is easy to get to as it is on the main road along the coast. It’s called Lad Koh View Point. This really is a gorgeous spot to visit. It’s built on the cliffs edge with both stairs and a ramp walkway down to the rocks and water. There are a few shaded areas to sit and take in the beauty of the tranquil blue waters.

Lad Koh Viewpoint

We skipped Lamai Viewpoint on this visit and headed right to Waterfall number 2. It had not rained much in months so the waterfall itself was nothing more than a trickle. The hike and scenery still made it an enjoyable visit. We paid for the 4WD to take us up. We were lucky enough to get the seats on the roof of the vehicle. It was a real blast as they take you on this really rough off road track up to the waterfall area. Be sure to check out the ride in the video on youtube. Bear in mind there is still a hike to get up to the waterfall, the 4WD just takes you up the past boring part.

Waterfall 2 path waterfall 2

All these places are worth a visit if you have the time to spare. If time time is not on your side then just do Jungle Club, it is a must do.


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