The Best Coffee in Patong

A big call saying the “Best” you might be thinking? I would even go as far as saying the best coffee in Phuket. This place is really in a catagory of it’s own. If you love coffee and you visit Thailand, you mind find yourself a little frustrated getting your morning caffeine fix. Sure you can get a coffee almost anywhere, however there is a high chance you will not enjoy it. Most places will serve either the bulk brewed style but the most common will be instant along with the crappy powdered milk to go with it. Some will give you the upscale instant such as the cappuccino from a sachet. If you are like myself, you love coffee but you can not stand horrible coffee then you can go to the big name franchises. Starbucks is never hard to find. You can even find popular Asian brands like True Coffee (the phone & internet company) fairly easily. It’s good, dependable coffee at these big brand places, but it’s not amazing.

I would even go as far as saying the best coffee in Phuket

The place I am raving on about is called “Coffee Mania” and the coffee is amazing. Everything about this small business is awesome…. except for one thing. They don’t open until 8am. So no fabulous morning coffee before that tour pick up early in the morning. You can’t really complain about that though because hardly anything opens early in Thailand. Especially in the tourist hub and party area of Patong which is a late night area. Want to take your own awesome 360 shots like you see above? Click here for a great deal! Coffee mania is a small cafe with small food offerings. Basically you can get a wide variety of the typical toasted sandwich style breakfast options like smashed Avocado or ham and salad croissant etc. Plus, did I mention this place has the best coffee in town?  

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